CP0699-5/8 w x 1-1/2 ID 20 1-1/2 Band-It Center Punch Clamps Qty

1-1/2' Band-It Center Punch Clamps Qty (20), CP0699-5/8' w x 1-1/2' ID - -. 1-1/2" Band-It Center Punch Clamps Qty (20), CP0699-5/8" w x 1-1/2" ID - -. Clamps are Galvanized Carbon Steel 。 5/8" wide clamps x 3" diameter 。 A Great Permanent or Temporary Clamping Option 。 Hang Signs, Clamp Hoses and Bundle Products 。 Easy Lock in Place with Hose Clamp Center Punch Tool and Standard Hammer 。 。Our Mission。Provide the best products at a good value.  The items you buy from us are industrial grade products and will last years.  In short you won't need to replace your swivel every year.  Our parent company has been in the industrial products industry for over 100 years and is a master distributor for many leading industrial and hydraulic hose and fitting manufacturers in the US for the past 30 years.  。Focusing on You。We may not be the best at buying and listing ads on Amazon but we know customer service.  For orders fulfilled from our warehouse we make sure to have inventory ready to ship and we rely on our shipping department that ships hundreds of orders daily.  Our team prides itself on not letting one order slip by and ships all orders either same day or within 24 hours for orders coming in after pickup and business hours EST. 。Thank you in Advance。Thank you for trusting us to be your supplier and partner.  Whether it’s keeping your home more functional or your business up and running we understand and appreciate your trust.  。 。 。 。 。 。 。

CP0699-5//8 w x 1-1//2 ID 20 1-1//2 Band-It Center Punch Clamps Qty